What Makes Our Program Different

Clarkson College graduates are exceptionally well prepared for a career in imaging informatics and have a distinct advantage when they enter the workforce with an Imaging Informatics certificate from Clarkson College.

You will tackle challenging coursework and gain crucial clinical experience, all under the direction of instructors with extensive expertise in digital imaging and imaging informatics.

And you not only have the flexibility to take courses online, but you can set up your clinical sites on a nationwide basis. You will also earn 44 validation credit hours for ARRT registration when seeking a Medical Imaging degree, and can apply your Imaging Informatics certificate credit hours to your Bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging.

Externships are not required for this program and may not be available in all states. Please contact the Admissions Office prior to applying if you plan to complete an externship as part of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Imaging Informatics externships?
All of our medical imaging externships require that you work a minimum of 180 hours in a clinical setting. This may be completed during work hours with supervisor approval.

How do I do an externship if I do not live in Nebraska?
The student will need to find a facility that will allow you to do the externship. An affiliation agreement will be established between the facility and Clarkson College.

What types of certification exams will I qualify to take after completing the Imaging Informatics certificate curriculum?
You may be eligible to sit for the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII), Society in Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) CIIP exam by meeting the requirements of the ABII and/or the PARCA certification exams.

Does your institution offer the opportunity to advance toward a bachelor degree?
Clarkson College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging (MI).

Can I work fulltime and complete this program?
Most of our students work fulltime while working toward their certificate or degree.

What if I have transfer credits? Can my program go faster?
Yes. You may transfer credits in as long as it’s from an accredited institution and you have received a “C-” or higher in the class.

Can I do clinical/externships at my place of employment?
Yes. Many students complete their clinical/externships while they work.