Nurse Refresher Course

If you are a nurse who has been away from nursing practice for some time, the health care field needs your talent and experience!

Registered and licensed practical nurses who wish to return to practice can prepare themselves in the Nurse Refresher Course at Clarkson College. This course focuses primarily on medical-surgical nursing.

Course Prerequisites

An active or a temporary Nebraska license as a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (PN) of no more than a 10 to 15 year inactive status is required. If more than 15 years has passed on inactive status, further assessment of the prospective participant is required, including an interview with the coordinator/instructors of the Nurse Refresher course.

A current or previous license in the United States is required. This course does not provide adequate review for individuals who have not yet passed RN or PN NCLEX (State Board Examinations).  

Course Information

The course consists of three components, including

The self-study modules are completed at your own pace within the semester deadlines. The skills laboratory day consists of a variety of interactive and hands-on learning experiences, including individualized work with an instructor to practice nursing skills such as venipuncture, naso-gastric tube insertion, and physical examination. The final portion of the course includes a clinical experience in a medical-surgical patient area in the Omaha area.     

The Nurse Refresher Course is offered in spring, summer and fall semesters. Semesters range from 12-16 weeks in duration. Students are required to complete the course within the semester time frame.

Course Schedules

Fall 2014

Course Fees

Application Fee: $35
Non-refundable application fee is required at time of application.
Download Nurse Refresher Course Application
Course Tuition: $1,495  
Must be paid in full by tuition due date. Tuition may be paid in cash, check (made payable to Clarkson College), VISA, Discover or MasterCard. Students will be administratively withdrawn from course due to lack of payment.  
College credit is not provided for this continuing education course. Financial aid is not available through Clarkson College.  

Note: The tuition rate is subject to change at the discretion of Clarkson College Professional Development office without prior notice.

Additional Fees

Additional fees will vary depending on student circumstances.

AHA Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Certification: Approximately $65 for complete course that is offered through Clarkson College. To register, call 402.552.3396. More information
Updated Immunizations: Minimally $10. On average $100 depending on insurance and previous immunization status.  
Required Reference Books: Approximately $150 depending on where purchased. Are available at the Clarkson College Bookstore both on campus and online.
State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Fees: Application for reinstatement: approximately $75 to $155 depending on individual circumstances.

Equipment for Clinical Rotation

The following equipment is needed for clinical:


Course Application Process

Read the entire application, completing and signing the first page. Mail the completed first page and the $35 application fee to Clarkson College, attn: Director of Professional Development, 101 S. 42 Street Omaha, NE 68131-2739. Download Nurse Refresher Course Application



Professional Development Office
PH 402.552.6148 or 402.552.2311  TF 800.647.5500

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST
The Professional Development office is located in the lower level of Clarkson College, and the customer entrance faces the intersection of 42 and Douglas Streets. View a Campus Map