Clinical Rotation

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Regulation and Licensure Credentialing Division require successful completion of a clinical rotation for Nurse Refresher programs. Clinicals are arranged at various medical facilities in the greater Omaha area. Every effort is made to provide a diverse professional experience for Nurse Refresher students.


Clinical experiences are built into the semester. You will be provided with a detailed schedule upon registration. Clinical dates may be subject to change. You will be informed of all changes as far in advance as possible. The clinical objectives are as follows:


Clinical Prerequisites

The following items must be on file in the Professional Development office before a student may participate in a scheduled clinical experience.  


Required Equipment for Clinical Rotation 

The following equipment is needed for clinical:


Clinical Participation

Students are expected to attend all clinical sessions for which they are scheduled, and to be prepared to actively participate in Skills Lab day and the clinical experience. Because absences from clinical can seriously hamper students’ learning, students are to notify the clinical faculty at least one-half hour prior to the scheduled clinical if unable to attend. Arriving late or leaving early is discouraged. Regular or repeated absences will result in failure. Availability of clinical make-up time cannot be guaranteed. The course coordinator and director will determine availability. In the event that time is not available, the student will be notified and is administratively withdrawn from the course.