A variety of scholarships are available to Clarkson College students who qualify. Each scholarship has its own set of qualifications and requirements, which are listed below:

Academic Scholarships

Online Scholarship Application

Note: Scholarships are awarded to new, incoming undergraduate students only.

  • Must have high school or college transfer GPA of at least 3.4 on 4.0 scale.
  • Must have an ACT score greater than or equal to 24 (within two years of high school graduation).
  • Must be an incoming undergraduate Clarkson College student
  • Must be granted full acceptance (not conditional) as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at Clarkson College.

Note: Clarkson College is selective, and fulfillment of minimum scholarship academic requirements is not a guarantee of award.

The priority deadlines for scholarships are as follows:

  • Fall scholarships: March 1
  • Spring scholarships: Oct. 1
  • Summer scholarships: Feb.1

By completing the application, you will be considered for the following scholarships:

  • Clarkson Service League Diamond: $4,000 per semester
  • Clarkson Service League Gold: $3,500 per semester
  • President's Platinum Scholarship: $3,000 per semester
  • President's Silver Scholarship: $2,500 per semester
  • President's Bronze Scholarship: $2,000 per semester

Scholarship amounts are based on the student's full time enrollment status (12 or more credit hours) and will be prorated for three-quarter time (9-11 credit hours) and half time (6-8 credit hours) enrollment.


Gateway to Success Scholarship for Minority
Nursing Students

More information about this scholarship

  • Must be a American racial minority student (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native American).
  • Must have at least 2.5 GPA on 4.0 scale from high school or previous college.
  • Must plan to enroll full-time at Clarkson College in the Nursing program, earning a Bachelor's degree upon graduation.
  • Must successfully complete summer internship program at The Nebraska Medical Center.


Endowed Scholarships

The application requirements are listed on the application form. Review the endowed scholarship criteria to view the requirements that are unique to some endowed scholarships.

  • Available to currently enrolled Clarkson College students.
  • Notification is sent to students via Clarkson College student e-mail.
  • The amount of each award is based on fund availability.
  • Endowed Scholarships include:
    • Endowed Service League Scholarship
    • Founders Endowed Scholarship
    • Clarkson College Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
    • Anne Armstrong Endowed Scholarship
    • Margaret E. Christensen Endowed Scholarship
    • Virginia Cox Endowed Scholarship
    • Rachel E. Dinsmoor Endowed Scholarship
    • Dr. and Mrs. Ali Ebadi Endowed Scholarship
    • Ellen R. Miller Endowed Scholarship
    • Dr. Patricia B. Perry Endowed Scholarship
    • Rita VanFleet Endowed Scholarship
    • Dr. George Loomis Scholarship
    • Lorraine Wilbur Scholarship

Note: Endowed scholarships are available to current students only.   
Download endowed scholarship application
Download endowed scholarship etiquette


Other Scholarship Resources

The Clarkson College Student Financial Services department maintains an "Outside Sources of Financial Aid" binder of scholarship opportunities. It is available for viewing and is located in the Visitor Center on the first floor of the College.

To find information about outside scholarship opportunities, students should try:

  • FastWeb scholarship search.
  • EducationQuest scholarship search.
  • Visit with high school guidance counselor.
  • Check with student and parent place(s) of employment.
  • Check with church and civic organizations.
  • Look in "Outside Sources of Financial Aid" binder in Clarkson College Visitor Center on the first floor of the College.
  • Clarkson College students: Check Clarkson College e-mail account for scholarship notifications.


Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship

Army ROTC enables students to complete their degrees at Clarkson College while training to become officers in the United States Army Nursing Corps. Army ROTC offers two, three and four year scholarships that pay full tuition, a monthly stipend totaling $4500 per year and $1200 per year for books. The NCLEX exam is also paid. Graduates are guaranteed a full time job starting at $43,000 per year, increasing to $75,000 per year after four years. Additionally, fully funded graduate opportunities are available after graduation.

To apply, students should contact:
Maj. Dennis Murphy, Enrollment and Scholarship Officer

2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178
PH 402.250.1155  CP 402.312.8428