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Guidelines for Using your CertifiedProfile account

The CertifiedProfile website is set up to interface with Firefox and Google Chrome as a browser. You may have difficulty uploading your documents if you use other browsers.

Upload only the document(s) needed for that requirement. Do not upload a group of documents assuming you have the correct one.

If you are uploading more than one document for a requirement, upload each document, and then click on the Submit button. Once you click the submit button, you cannot upload any more documents to that requirement.

If you are faxing or mailing, you must include the correct cover sheet for each requirement.

All requirements are due in your account no later than the “Due Date” that you see in your account.

For shot series and titers, the “Due Date” includes a one-month “grace” period. Only for shot series and titers are you given one month from the date the requirement is due in which to get your shot or titer done and have the correct paperwork uploaded to your account. For example if your #3 Hepatitis B shot is due Sept. 26, your account will have a "Due Date" of Oct. 26.

You are responsible for checking your account to make sure it is complete and that the items you have uploaded have been approved.

If a document is "Rejected," go to your account and read the reason it was rejected and correct this. You will see the reason written out when you open the requirement. You must correct this within one week. If you do not understand the reason your requirement was rejected, please contact the Clarkson College Health and Safety Specialist or the CertifiedProfile Service Desk.

CertifiedProfile begins sending you reminders 60 days prior to the expiration or due date of a requirement (TB Test, BLS Certification, Flu Shot, etc.).

If you have a good reason why a requirement will be late, you will need to communicate with your program director prior to the requirement due date.

Additional Information

For further information about CertifiedProfile, you may contact the Health and Safety Specialist at Clarkson College at 402-552-6206, via email, or by making an appointment here.

Questions or Assistance

If you need immediate assistance with your account, please contact CertifiedProfile.


CertifiedProfile Service Desk Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. EST


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