Health & Safety and Physical Requirements

All Clarkson College PTA students are required to complete program and clinical agency health and safety requirements (per Clarkson College policy SW-7).  Students may be required to complete an additional criminal background check and/or drug screen (per Clarkson College policy SW-23), as applicable to the clinical agency, prior to the start date, unless otherwise stated by the clinical agency.  The College Health and Safety Clinical Education Compliance Coordinator(s) and DCE will monitor these requirements.

Students have access to and are responsible for managing, all of their health and safety expectations and requirements on the CastleBranch website at Requirements are listed in all clinical affiliation agreements. If copies of records or a background check are required by a clinical agency, the DCE should be contacted and the student will provide the information from the CastleBranch system.

*If a student is out of compliance with any health and safety items in CastleBranch or agency onboarding requirements, she/he will not be allowed to attend clinical practicums until all compliance standards have been met.

Health & Safety Expectations & Requirements 
Visit the Clarkson College Health & Safety page for more information
Visit the Clarkson College Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources page for more information

Physical Requirements

The PTA program requires the student to participate in laboratory and clinical experiences related to patient care. Some situations may require the student to lift 50 pounds or more. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate individual needs providing for a safe clinical environment for the PTA student, staff and patients. Please review the technical standards completed at the time of admission for the PTA program. Should a student’s physical ability change, or need accommodation (i.e., pregnancy, surgery, injury, etc.), it is the student’s responsibility to update an ‘Informed Consent for Participation Form’ to keep on record in the student’s file.