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Clarkson College strives to create a safe environment and provide resources to help students, staff and guests feel secure when they are on campus. In honor of Campus Safety Week, the College will host a free self-defense class for College community members on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 4:30 p.m. in Howard Hall. 

Participants may attend the class on-campus in Howard Hall, or register to attend the class via Zoom. Please complete the registration form below and indicate whether you will be attending the course on-campus or online. 

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About the Course 

The course will be taught by Claudia Brown Jackman, a third degree black belt in Aikido, a Japanese martial art using an opponent’s energy against them. Using the concepts of Aikido, (small joint manipulation and the redirection of an attacker's energy), Claudia and her partner, Lloyd McWhirt, a fourth degree black belt, created a 'One Size Fits All' approach to empowerment and self protection in their self defense classes. No restrictions on age, ability or size. 

Seeing a need to differentiate martial arts from basic self defense classes, their instruction of easy to remember techniques sets them apart from other self defense workshops. Participants are not taught how to punch or kick, giving them a false sense of security, but rather to acknowledge, accept and redirect an attack through the principals of Aikido. 

Also being demonstrated is the Safe Hands Healing Hands program. Safe Hands Healing Hands instructs a compassionate form of self-protection and defense, perfect for frontline workers and health care occupations. 

Participants will learn basic defense from a frontal and behind attack, wrist and hair grabs, attacks from overhead strikes and slaps, and how to easily remove themselves from any choking position. Sexual assault and rape escape techniques will also be demonstrated. 

In addition, each participant who joins us on campus for the course will receive three free continuing education classes at their location on Tuesday evenings. Specially created Self Defense Keys will also be sold for $20. Proceeds from all sales go to Shuurin Dojo's outreach programs. 

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