Refund Checks

A student who has a credit balance on his/her account will receive a refund either by Electronic Refund or refund check.

Students can elect to enroll in Electronic Refund for their funds to be direct deposited into their bank accounts. Automatic deposits make it simpler and faster for students to receive their funds.

For instructions on how to enroll in Electronic Refunds, please log into your Transact account.  For further instructions and illustrations, please follow the step-by-step user guide: Enrolling or Withdrawing from Electronic Refunds.

Starting the second week of the semester, Electronic Refunds will be approved for deposit on Friday afternoons.  Refund checks are mailed to the address we have on file on Monday mornings.  Your refund check will be mailed to the address listed with the Registrar's office.

Contact the Student Accounts office at 402.552.6188 for more information.