The Minerva Ryley Legacy Award

Clarkson College’s Alumni Association honors notable alumni through the Minerva Ryley Legacy Award.  This award recognizes the extraordinary support of a graduate who has had a significant impact on the Alumni Association and the graduates of Clarkson College and Bishop Clarkson Memorial School of Nursing.

The Alumni Association invites Clarkson College alumni to nominate an alumnus who has contributed in an extradinary way toward Clarkson College or the Clarkson College Alumni Association.  Awardees must have a strong, dedicated commitment to the Alumni Association and alumni of Clarkson College.  They have committed a large amount of time to advocate, support or contribute to the Alumni Association and alumni.  This award will be awarded when the Board of Directors sees an opportunity to recognize a deserving alumnus. 

Selection Criteria

  • Has contributed significantly to the betterment of the Clarkson College Alumni.
  • Has shown extraordinary loyalty, involvement, and identification with Clarkson College’s Mission and Values.
  • Manifests qualities of strong moral principles worthy of recognition.

Nominees are accepted through June 30.  One award may be granted if acceptable nominations are received.  Awards are announced during the September Alumni Weekend events. 

Nomination Form

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