Graduation is a time of joy and reflection, and although our celebration looks different this year, nothing can diminish the pride and joy you feel having achieved your goals. As we celebrate from a distance, we want you to know that we recognize and celebrate your accomplishments and welcome you as members of the health care community.

Videos 2020 Spring Graduates FAQs


Hear from Interim President Dr. Aubray Orduña as she shares a message of congratulations and hope.

Even though we are unable to celebrate with you in person, every member of our community stands with you as you journey into this new phase of your career.

Even though we are unable to celebrate with you in person, every member of our community stands with you as you journey into this new phase of your career.

Thank you for answering the call to serve others as compassionate health care professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find information and resources regarding graduation, diplomas, transcripts and more. If you have questions, please contact the Registrar’s office at registrar@clarksoncollege.edu.

Is my transcript mailed automatically after graduation?

No, transcripts are not mailed automatically. The Registrar’s office will mail one free transcript after graduation. You must request the transcript through the Registrar’s office. This transcript is sent from the office and can only be mailed via USPS mail. Please allow up to 15 business days to arrive at the destination. These requests will be accepted up to two weeks post-graduation.

What if I want my transcript sent electronically?

All electronic transcripts must be requested through the Student Clearinghouse. Electronic transcripts are sent within minutes of submitting the request, and you will receive a tracking number once your request has been made.

What if I need to make multiple requests for paper and electronic transcripts?

All requests after your first free transcript must be made through Student Clearinghouse. If your recipient does not accept electronic transcripts, make sure to select “paper,” and the Clarkson College Registrar’s office will mail your request via USPS mail. Please allow up to 15 business days to arrive at the destination.

How much is an official transcript?

An official transcript is $10 per request for both paper and electronic delivery.

What if I only want an unofficial transcript at this time?

Unofficial transcripts can be requested through the Registrar’s office and will be mailed by USPS mail. There is no fee for unofficial transcripts, and they can be requested online here.

You may also access your unofficial transcript through Self-Service by selecting the “grades” tab.

What if I have a HOLD/STOP on my account?

Any graduate with an outstanding hold will not receive their transcript until the obligation has been cleared. This includes Business office, Parking, ATI and Financial Aid holds.

What if I already made my request through the Student Clearinghouse and selected to “Hold Until Degree is Awarded?”

Once your final grades are posted and your degree is conferred in the Registrar’s office, Student Clearinghouse will automatically send your transcript if you selected electronic delivery. If you selected for it to be sent as a paper copy via mail, the Registrar’s office will send your transcript at that time.

What if I just want to check my grades and don’t need a transcript at this time?

You can check your grades by logging into your Self-Service account and clicking the “grades” tab.

Can I keep my Clarkson College email?

Your College email will expire in one year after graduation.

I had completed the online form on the Clarkson College website indicating I would like to participate in the Summer 2020 graduation ceremony. However, I later received a notification from the vendor that my cap and gown order could not be transferred, and I would be receiving a full refund of the rental cost. Why is this?

We had initially been told by our vendor that cap and gown orders placed for the spring 2020 graduation ceremony could be transferred in order for those students to participate in the summer 2020 graduation ceremony. However, our office was later informed that our vendor was unable to transfer these orders, and all students who had placed an order for regalia would be receiving a full refund.

What if I would still like to participate in the Clarkson College graduation ceremony for the summer 2020. Will this be possible?

Absolutely. You will have the opportunity to re-order your regalia through our vendor’s website, Build-A-Grad. The site is currently closed for orders but will reopen in May. Within the next several weeks, you will be receiving communication from the Clarkson College Registrar’s office, along with an active site link and instructions for placing your order.