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Making coffee for a co-worker


"She makes me coffee in the morning! It is really special to work with someone who is truly CARING. Thank you very much Ali Willand."

– Sharon Mantz, Clinical Education Compliance Coordinator

Act of kindness


"I have been working on my courses in Canvas, the new Learning Management System. Health Care Business instructor Gretchen Jopp sits right across the hall from me on the 5th floor. Any question (or questions) I have, Gretchen stops what she is doing to help me. She stops what she is doing, brainstorms with me to find the solutions or simply answers my questions. Gretchen’s commitment to learning the LMS is evident, as well as her compassion to help her peers!!! Thanks, Gretchen!"

– Trish Weber, Instructor


Do Something Kind Today

Celebrate kindness this new year by participating in the Clarkson College Diversity Council Kindness Matters Campaign! From Feb. 1 through Feb. 16, nominate someone you’ve witnessed (a fellow classmate, colleague or alum) completing an act of kindness, or share a kind gesture you have recently offered someone else via the submission form below. The act should represent one of the five Clarkson College Values, which include Caring, Integrity, Commitment, Excellence and Learning. In your submission, please make sure to list which Value the act is representing.     

Clarkson College students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome to participate. We know how kind and caring each of you are and cannot wait to receive your submissions! 

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Get Inspired


"My classmate, Jenni Scranton, showed me how she does her notetaking last Friday. Not everyone takes their time to explain things to someone they are not close to. I appreciate her kindness and caring!"

– Eunjeong Lee, Current Student

"One of our International students needed some help with navigating the online campus program. I sought help from Ricardo in CTE, for hands on training, as it was easier for the student to see the navigation tools. I personally escorted her to the next building and helped her through the process and got her the information she needed. She was very grateful." Commitment

– Amy Masek, Access Services Librarian

"Earlier this week while getting lunch at the food truck, I didn't have quite enough money and they were only taking cash. Amy Masek loaned me enough to get a meal so I wouldn't lose my place in line or have to run over to the ATM in the bitter cold. Thanks Amy!" caring

– Nicole Caskey, Resources Librarian

"I wanted to thank Kitty Cappellano for her act of kindness on Monday, Jan. 9th. I recently had foot surgery and was having difficulty crossing the street with all the traffic. Kitty pulled up in her SUV, came to a halt in the middle of the road, and allowed me to cross safely so I wouldn't get hit by anyone. She added a smile, a honk and a "Happy New Year" out the window. It was very kind of her and I appreciated her help!" Caring

– Sarah Flanagan, Community Health/IPE Director

"I have friends at Clarkson that when I see them everyday they ask me how my day is. I love the fact that I know my classmates and everyone is so willing to help out in anytime of need." caring

– Sarah Brown, Current Student

"The nursing director of the Emergency Department I work in is a Clarkson alum. I often see him checking in on patients and seeking patient feedback about the care they are receiving. He is committed to quality patient care." Commitment

– Signe Newman, Current Student

"If you looked up "caring" in the dictionary, you'd see "Kitty Cappellano". No matter what she is doing, she will stop everything to help someone else. It doesn't matter if it's a short question or something more involved. Kitty is always there to help. She LOVES her students and will do anything for them. Just today, a student was carrying around a big box of books (the Nursing bundle) and Kitty offered to keep it safe in the Success Center until the student was done with class. It's just a small thing, but it made a big difference to that student.Kitty, you're the BEST!"

– Brooke Clements, Student Success Coordinator

"I came into the library to get some help finding an article for a class. I came in a few minutes before Amy Masek was going to leave, but she helped me anyway. She sat down with me, helped me figure out what I needed, and showed me how to do it. Even though she was almost done with her day, she didn't rush, or push me off on someone else so she could get out on time. She made sure I completely understood how to use the database, and helped me find an article. She answered all the questions I had, and did not make me feel inadequate at all! Even though this may seem like no big deal, I was so overwhelmed with all my schoolwork, her kindness and understanding helped to relieve some of the stress that I was having. Asking for help is already hard enough, so having someone who doesn't seem burdened by questions was such a huge deal to me. She is a huge asset to the school!" caring

– Lacey Oliver, Current Student

"Andy Lim does an exceptional job at committing to several groups at Clarkson College. It is so nice having a friendly face around campus who is truly passionate about everything he's a part of! Go, Andy!" Commitment

– Molly Forney, Current Student

"I was trying to walk through the slick, snowy parking lot to reach the main building, but was having difficulty walking in my boot following foot surgery. Josephine Scarpello kindly stopped and offered me a ride to the front door so that I wouldn't fall. She cared enough to go out of her way to help me, and I greatly appreciate it!" Caring

– Sarah Flanagan, Community Health/IPE Director

"Thank you Jillian Waggoner for your act of Kindness. You saw me struggling to open the door to Professional Development with my "hands full" and you were there to my rescue opening the door and lending a hand to carry things too." caring

– Sharon Mantz, Clinical Education Compliance Coordinator

"I would like to share an act of kindness by a fellow colleague, JoAnn Acierno. I had to have an emergency dental procedure on Monday. I called thinking I would need to cancel my class. JoAnn volunteered to cover my class for the day. To me this is a great example of caring for a peer, and commitment to the Clarkson students." caring

– Joan Blum, Assistant Professor