Employee and Academic Updates March 23-May 1

In response to COVID-19 and efforts to ensure the well-being of the Clarkson College community, updates have been made to limit on-campus face-to-face interaction. Your well-being is our top priority, and we continue to remain mindful of your needs and the needs of our students regarding successful completion of their lectures, labs and clinical rotations.

The Clarkson College campus remains open, however, employees are encouraged to work remotely as frequently as possible through the remainder of the semester. Please work with your Department Director regarding scheduling to ensure continued service to the education of our students. All employees are also encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines by the CDC to the extent this is possible. Continue to work with your Department Director for the best utilization of available space on-campus.

The following updates are effective Monday, March 23, 2020, and you will also be included on additional information that will be communicated to students.

  • Clinical rotations/preceptorships/externships:
    • Graduate Nursing (NPs, CRNAs, etc.): Clinicals/preceptorships/practicums continue as scheduled dependent on your site availability. Please continue to work with your Program Director and Clinical Coordinator regarding changes or concerns.
    • Undergraduate Health Care Business: Professional Practice Experiences (PPE) will continue as scheduled and dependent on your site. Please continue to work with your Program Director.
    • Medical Imaging: Externships will continue as scheduled and dependent on your site. Please continue to work with your Program Director and Clinical Coordinator.
    • Undergraduate Nursing: Senior students will continue preceptorships as scheduled and dependent on your site. All other undergraduate nursing students will complete clinical requirements through virtual platforms or simulation beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 and should not report to clinical sites the remainder of the semester. Please work with your Program Director and Clinical Coordinator.
    • Radiography: All students will complete online clinical coursework requirements as scheduled. Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 students should not report to clinical sites until further notice. Please work with your Program Director and Clinical Coordinator.
  • All on-campus classes/theory will continue in an online format through the end of the spring semester.
  • All on-campus labs: The College is limiting as many face-to-face lab sessions as possible. Please communicate with your students regarding changes to your lab schedules. Lab sessions are being encouraged to take place in an online format as much as possible. Lab skills checks and simulation will remain on-campus as required by your program. Please work with your Program Director.
  • On-campus services remain open with badge access-only to all College buildings beginning March 23, 2020 for students to continue to have access to academic resources. Students and employees entering the campus facilities will need to have their student/employee badge, as all external entries will remain locked
  • Student resources should remain available to students whether online or on-campus. Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Writing Lab services, registration, orientation, advising, etc. are available online.
  • Testing in classrooms on-campus should be reserved for major or final exams.  Please work with the Registrar to schedule larger classrooms with the ability to spread larger student groups out for social distancing (6 ft. between students). Please note, our goal is to attempt to minimize as much face-to-face examination time per course as possible. Proctored classroom examinations should be held only for final examinations or other major exams. Quizzes or other small examinations should be administered completely online off-campus or use other means of assessment rather than testing.  Please work with CTE for implementation of these recommendations.
  • The Residence Hall on campus remains open: this is open only to current student residents living on campus and faculty who office there.

Please refer to the updated Clarkson College Employee FAQ guide with the most recent information on our website at www.clarksoncollege.edu/coronavirus. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Reminder: maximize online resources to limit face-to-face interactions whenever possible.


Dr. Aubray Orduña
Interim President of Clarkson College