3D Center of Excellence

3D Center of Excellence

The 3D Center of Excellence offers design to delivery service for FDA 510(k)-cleared Presurgical Anatomic Models, CCSP Orthopedics Models, and Cutting Guides, as well as CCSP Radiation Bolus models.



Presurgical Anatomic Model:

The 3D Printing and Training Center at Clarkson College offers design to delivery service for FDA-cleared, diagnostic quality anatomic models. You can select from a broad range of materials and colors to achieve the goal of its intended use. Service begins with the receipt of patient imaging data from CT or MR scans followed by image processing and model design resulting in a 3D printed patient specific model. Click here to view additional information in brochure form, for easy printing.

CCSP Bolus:

CCSP Bolus is an FDA 510(k) cleared patient-specific solution to help optimize radiotherapy targeting by overcoming the skin-sparring effect and target appropriate tissues with intended dose. With a complete workflow from design to delivery, CCSP Bolus makes personalization easy. We use 3D printing technology to produce a bolus that conforms to each patient and to the contours of a broad range of anatomies. Click here to view additional information in brochure form, for easy printing.

CCSP Orthopedics:

CCSP Orthopedics is an FDA 510(k) cleared personalized healthcare solution for orthopedic oncology surgical cases. It provides surgeons with the opportunity to pre-plan surgeries prior to entering the operating room. Based on the surgical plan, patient-matched surgical instruments are designed and used in surgery. Click here to view additional information in brochure form, for easy printing.



Our commitment to delivering top-tier medical solutions ensures that you can access these innovative devices with ease. To order please use this QR code or click this link:  https://3dlabatclarksoncollege.enhatch.com/. If this is your first time accessing Enhatch, please email us at 3DLab@clarksoncollege.edu to create an account.


Or for more information, please email 3DLab@clarksoncollege.edu. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the entire ordering process, ensuring that you receive the highest quality, FDA-cleared products tailored to your requirements.


CT Protocol

CT protocol is very important and ensures quality 3D printing. Click here to learn more about the medical imaging protocls we follow at Clarkson College.