Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing offers the opportunity for students to live with friends of different genders in the Residence Hall. This policy recognizes not only that 1) students come from diverse backgrounds and identities at Clarkson College, and that 2) gender identity and expression comes in all ‘shapes and sizes’ and students’ personal identities should be respected within the Residence Hall. This is not an opportunity for students to live with romantic partners. 

  • Gender inclusive housing is an “opt in” program, which means that, on the Housing Application, you must check the box that indicates you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing in order to participate in this style of housing. If you only want to live with roommates of your same gender, simply don’t check the box.
  • If a student checks the gender inclusive housing “opt in” box, the RHC will reach out to the student in an email to double check that the student understands what GIH means and is not abusing the policy to live with a romantic partner.
  • The apartments in the Residence Hall are 4 private-bedroom suite style apartments with two bathrooms on each “wing” of the suite. In the Gender Inclusive Housing structure, students of the same gender (men, women, nonbinary, etc.) will live on one “wing” of the apartment and share a bathroom with only same-gender individuals.
  • Students will still have the opportunity to list roommates they prefer to live with and can include students of another gender to this list if they check the GIH option on the Housing Application.