Installment Payment Plan

The Installment Payment Plan allows the student to pay his/her tuition and fees balance in equal installments throughout the semester. Students can access the Installment Payment Plan through their Transact Payment Account. Contact the Student Accounts office at 402.552.2746 if you have questions.

COPPER Payment Plan

The Clarkson Option Payment Plan–Employer Reimbursement (COPPER) allows students who are employed by Nebraska Medicine and who qualify for tuition reimbursement to defer payment of tuition and fees for up to two weeks after grades are issued.  The deferred balance must be less than or equal to a studnet's calendar year tuition reimbursement balance with Nebraska Medicine. 

A COPPER Payment Plan form must be signed each semester and submitted to the Student Accounts Office before the first payment is due.

There is no payment plan fee to participation in this program.

Nebraska Medicine employees: See Nebraska Medicine Employee Tuition Information for additional information regarding the COPPER Plan and Nebraska Medicine Partnership Tuition Rate.